Case study: Large International Construction Company

"Our new onboarding solution from Affirm Software better projects the image that we want new employees to have of our company as an innovative and leading edge construction company"

Recruitment Manager,
Large Construction Company

The Problem

The HR department at a large international construction company recruit hundreds of new contract and permanent staff annually. Onboarding new staff was time consuming, involved rekeying of personal data onto 10-20 forms and resulted in high administration costs in terms of time, courier and printing costs as well as delays with onboarding staff quickly.

The Solution

Our client implemented Onboard Express, which has enabled them to send highly configurable letters of offer, with a three level approval process. The system automated the production of all new candidate forms and then sends the induction packs out electronically to the candidates in a personalised portal format.

The personalised portal includes the induction documentation and tailored company information to the individual, including corporate brochures, videos and policy documents.

The candidate is asked to review all forms and policy documents and securely provide legally binding acceptance online. There is then no need to print forms, policies, or the letter of offer - it's all done online and stored safely for the client for compliance purposes.

Key benefits

  • Customisable letter of offer is tailorbale specific to the offer being made
  • Comprehensive approval process ensures the offer and induction pack being sent out is exactly as they need to be
  • There is no need to print anything with legally binding digital approvals and additional digital validation steps for security purposes.