Case study: Large Federal Government Department

"This onboarding system from Affirm is really impressive and a great step forward for us"

Assistant Commissioner,
Large Federal Government Department

Business Challenge – manual process

This Federal Government Department onboarded thousands of staff annually, including a number of internal staff transfers.

Previously, significant manual intervention was required to generate employment contracts and progress candidates through each workflow stage which lead to some data being incorrect. Additionally, candidates had to complete a large number of forms manually and repeat data entry onto all of them. Fields were not able to be marked as mandatory causing large numbers of forms to be missing key responses and the data provided incorrect.

This all slowed down the onboarding process considerably, which impacted on employment start dates and added to the workload of administration teams.

Due to the complex business rules around employment contracts and new hire forms, the Department needed to move to an online onboarding system.

Solution – web based onboarding solution

The onboarding solution can operate as a one or two stage process, where if required, the candidate has to provide information so that background checking on the individual can be conducted. Once completed satisfactorily, the HR department sends the information to the onboarding system, which automatically creates an employment contract and personalised onboarding pack. The candidate then receives an invitation to return to the recruitment website to access their offer and accept all details online using mobile PIN security.

The solution allows for tailored letters of offer to be generated based on business rules (i.e. classification, security level, employment type etc). The offer and all policies and forms are presented to the candidate online and the candidate completes fields to populate the forms such as superannuation and Tax File number forms.

Key features and benefits

The solution for this Federal Government Department offers a number of key features and benefits including:

  • High level of compliance
    Greater control of acceptance of terms and conditions
    Candidates must download terms &conditions and other policy documents before they can select "I accept"
  • Positive new hire experience and Day 1 readiness
    Internal staff are now well organised and prepared for the new recruit, to ensure they are onboarded efficiently with items such as phones, computers and equipment before Day 1.
    The branded, personalised system gives the candidates a very good feel for the organization and Department before starting
  • Flexible system set up to build offers quickly
    Multiple letters of offer are stored on the system and customised specific to the offer being made to a candidate and position information
  • Reduced errors and improved quality control
    Document control has eliminated the need to merge multiple document templates
    Through providing an integrated system, it has reduced the need to move candidate data
  • Improved efficiency and visibility
    The system has reduced the time from sending out the offer to start date by enabling it to be issued and completed so much more quickly
    Letters are now automatically generated based on position being offered (i.e. movement type, employment type, level etc)
    Throughout the process, the HR Administrator can track the status of staff being onboarded, enabling them to report on time to completion and manage HR staff workloads
  • No need for manual HR user intervention/ Straight through processing (STP)
    The system populates candidate and job information captured in eRecruit
    Information provided on the candidate application and assessment forms or the Job details form is transferred and populated into the offer letter and onboarding questionnaire
  • Single sign on
    Users access their onboarding offer through the same website in which they applied for the original position


This large Federal Government Department continues to use the system and have improved the candidate acceptance rate by quickly delivering offers ensuring their first choice candidate is recruited. It has reduced red tape delays and improved the quality of information being returned to HR.

It has also allowed HR to run large recruitment campaigns where thousands of offers are issued in the same day for positions across the country.

The Federal Government Department has reduced the HR team dedicated to onboarding from 20, to now employing only 6-8 staff.