Company Overview

Affirm was founded to address the paper warfare that often occurs between customers, partners and staff

The founders of Affirm identified a significant market gap for software to automate the origination, storage and management of large volumes of contracts, forms and documents. In reviewing the marketplace, they identified that very few software solutions existed, and the majority of which were either too complex or expensive to implement.

Revolve was designed and built to address that gap and market need.

Mission Statement

Affirm's mission is to deliver a complete system that enables it's clients to control every aspect of the documentation process with maximum efficiency, at the lowest possible cost.

Vision Statement

To become a recognised leading provider of eForms and electronic document software solutions.

Affirm Values

Customer Focus - Committed to exceeding customer expectations

Integrity - Honesty, authenticity and openness in everything we do

Team - One company - one team, working together to achieve common goals

Reliability - Delivers on promises and commitments

Innovation - Continuous improvement through challenging the status quo.