Whilst Revolve allows you to be in control of creating templates, we often help our clients create templated forms and contracts.

Optimise or re engineer your business processes

We can work with your existing templates or advise you on how you could potentially reengineer your contracting business processes to get the most value from our technology and optimise your existing business processes.

This service to our customers incorporates authoring support to get "smart" documents, forms and contracts up and running quickly, allowing the benefits to flow onto you immediately.

One of our clients have reduced their contracting processes from a 17 step process to a 2 step 'parallel process'. This reduced overhead costs, error rates and improved customer service by producing quality contracts quickly.

Easily integrate Revolve with XPlan, COIN, internal systems or legacy systems

By integrating Revolve to your existing internal systems, you can retrieve and write information to, and from, other applications. Data is entered only once into one application and then shared between two or more applications. The end result is a more efficient workflow coupled with a reduced instance for error.

Past projects have included integrating Revolve with databases, legacy systems, CRM systems like XPlan, contact management, document management and case management systems. Most systems with an open API can be integrated with Revolve.

Produce comprehensive reports vendor including Business Objects and Cognos.

Once Revolve integrates to a reporting system such as Business Objects and Cognos, business executives can view comprehensive reports regarding contracts and document pipelines, or drill down into specific details as required.

We also provide services to assist in selecting and implementing suitable reporting solutions, or can integrate with most major reporting vendors if you already have a system in place.