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Onboard Express and LiveHire join forces


Affirm Software is excited to announce the addition of our latest integration partner, LiveHire. This integration provides a seamless user experience between the LiveHire, recruitment technology and engagement platform and Onboard Express (, Australia’s leading new employee onboarding solution.

The new development provides a simple method of passing candidate personal details from LiveHire, into Onboard Express for the employment offer to be executed online and all new starter processing completed within a secure portal.

Andy Cross, Head of Talent Acquisition and Mobility at WSP in Australia & New Zealand stated:

"Having candidate personal information and position details transfer from our LiveHire recruitment system into our onboarding solution, Onboard Express, with the simple push of button has made our life so much easier."

Affirm Software CEO, Bryan Ericson said: "We are committed to deliver the highest quality integration partners to our extensive customer base, so they have a choice of high quality HR software providers, delivering a seamless and fully integrated solution for their recruitment and onboarding needs. Affirm Software has led the Australian marketplace in innovative advanced onboarding solutions since 2010 and we continue this with the inclusion of LiveHire as an integration partner. We have many new innovative features that we will roll out throughout the remainder of the year, delivering more benefits to our customers.

LiveHire Product Partnerships & Solutions Director, Alastair Schirmer said: "We are really pleased to bring this integration between LiveHire and Onboard Express to life. The integration will create a lot of efficiency for our customers in common and generate extra productivity via LiveHire’s award winning recruitment platform. The integration is live in the market now with some of our customers generating great benefits out of it already. We look forward to making it available for more of our customers in common."

If you want to know more about how our customers have achieved more than 80% efficiency gains using Onboard Express, compared to paper based onboarding processes and/or our special exclusive offer for LiveHire customers please email your enquiry to


Partnership Announcement

Affirm Software and hSenid join forces

A Strategic Partnership for a ‘simplified Recruitment & Employee Onboarding’ by PeoplesHR together with Affirm Software.

The strategic partnership established between hSenid Business Solutions and Affirm Software has led to the integration of products of both organisations, enhancing the recruitment and onboarding processes.

Affirm Software delivers an unique, and completely paperless, new employee onboarding solution, called Onboard Express (OBX), allowing companies to deliver the employment contract, the complete company onboarding pack, company policies, creates candidate portals on behalf of the company along with company branding, enabling candidates to accept offers digitally, securely, faster and more cost-effectively. OBX captures all the information from the new employee populating on all onboarding forms and transfers all information into the HR solution of hSenid Business Solutions, PeoplesHR and payroll system via an API, delivering efficiencies and savings on average of 80% compared to traditionally paper based onboarding processes. OBX captures the digital approval from the new employee using banking PIN technology sent to their mobile phone.

Not only does OBX contribute to 80% savings but also improved compliance, the ability to employ candidates of first choice, reduction in employee attrition, faster engagement, increase candidate efficiency and aligning the company brand as innovative, are just a few of the highlighted benefits that can be derived through this integration.

PeoplesHR customers now have the opportunity to purchase this module and integrate it with its core HR module.

Mr. Bryan Ericson, the CEO of Affirm Software stated, Affirm CEO, "hSenid, with their PeoplesHR product range, is a great partner for Affirm. Our quality onboarding solution will be fully integrated into the PeoplesHR HRIS and made available to the International market. Having such a well-established and high quality HR service provider such as hSenid, as our partner, sets us up for rapid expansion over the coming years".

Richard Power, Affirm Software Chairman and Bryan Ericson, Affirm Software CEO announce new international partnership with hSenid

Mr. Ericson also stated, that:

"hSenid offers out team access to a wealth of technology knowledge that can accelerate our planned innovative initiatives. We are pleased to join forces with hSenid and join there stable of quality service providers".

Affirm Founder and Chairman, Mr. Richard Power, stated:

"I recently attended the hSenid partnership conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This reinforced hSenid‘s great partnership potential, with all existing partners consistently expressing their praise for the hSenid professionalism, quality and innovative product range". "This is a great opportunity for Affirm to take our technology to the rest of the world".

This integration can also be seen as a trump card during the prevailing times, this was highlighted by Mr. Sampath Jayasundra, CEO of hSenid Business Solutions, a leading HR solutions provider catering to over 1200+ clients in 18 industries across 35+ countries with over 23 years of experience, "This partnership opens doors to the new normal of the corporate world, we are happy that this integration digitalizes the recruitment and onboarding process further making it easy for organisations during a time of remote working and social distancing."

Sampath Jayasundara, CEO & Director of PeoplesHR & hSenid

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Workpro Partnership Announcement

Onboard Express and WorkPro join forces

Affirm Software (Affirm) is delighted to announce a new partnership with WorkPro that will provide Onboard Express, our digital new employee onboarding service, with the functionality to perform real time Work Rights checks.

The partnership will embed Workpro technology within Onboard Express, that will allow a seamless integration with the Department of Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification (VEVO) for our customers to improve adherence to legislated compliance and deliver job-readiness efficiency.

This new service is now in final testing with a release date planned for early June 2020. This new feature continues to demonstrate Affirm’s mantra of listening to the customers’ voice, as it was one of our largest clients that requested this new functionality and they will be the first to implement, and a rollout plan will extend to other customers throughout the year.

Other Workpro services, such as Australian Police Checks, will be introduced later in 2020, as Affirm continues to rollout new innovative features.

Affirm is a leading provider of paperless new employee Onboarding services in Australia with over 10 years of experience. Affirm is always seeking to innovate and deliver leading edge solutions to our customers. So when our customers asked us to consider providing a Work Rights check for new employees we had 2 options:

  1. Develop our own integration to the immigration Department of Home Affairs, or
  2. Collaborate with a proven solution partner to the Department

Following a thorough market evaluation, Affirm settled on the market leading services developed by WorkPro.

Affirm and WorkPro have announced a long-term partnership to deliver these valuable Work Rights Checks that will deliver to companies’ extended efficiency and compliance benefits.

Affirm CEO, Mr Bryan Ericson, said "We are pleased to join forces with WorkPro, the market leader of background screening services in Australia". "We look forward to extending the WorkPro ‘Police’ check and ‘Working with Children’ check service to our customers later in 2020".

WorkPro Founder, Tania Evans stated:

"Work Rights checks are a critical part of every onboarding process. The check can only be completed using the Department’s VEVO database either directly or through an accredited provider."

"These checks are a legislated obligation for all employers and must form part of a robust workforce compliance program. WorkPro is delighted to develop a strategic partnership with Affirm Software. The partnership provides value by mitigating risks and delivering compliance efficiency in business processes and operations for Affirm customers."

"We look forward to launching the Work Right check service to Affirms customer network and expanding the suite of services to Affirm customers shortly."

Currently in its 13th year, WorkPro partners with more than 1,700 customers across Australia and New Zealand and more than 3 million individuals are registered as "work-ready" via WorkPro. General information on WorkPro’s is available at

Established in 2006, the highly configurable WorkPro platform centralises background checks; licence, ticket and document management; and safety and compliance training to help organisations efficiently and effectively manage talent while meeting important legal obligations.