Rent Plus

Rent Plus is an independently-owned New Zealand company specialising in the rental and leasing of IT equipment, office equipment, communications equipment, healthcare equipment, and general plant and machinery equipment.

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"We found it very easy to work with Affirm. They are a highly skilled team, who were able to set us up on their system very quickly. We found the system worked efficiently as an electronic document management system for what we were after"

Joe Duncan
Chief Executive Officer

Business Challenge

RentPlus were looking to carry out due diligence on a potential acquisition. They needed a secure, flexible and centralised document repository for the sharing and review of hundreds of contracts and documents. As the potential business acquisition was in another country, they were going to incur high costs sending hard copies of files, as well as the process being time consuming and a risk that the sensitive files and documents could get lost along the way.

Additionally, there were going to be multiple parties reviewing files and documents, so they needed a system that could facilitate multiple users accessing files at any one time.

Our Solution for Rent Plus

RentPlus were able to use the Revolve™ system to upload all required documents, forms and spreadsheet files. They also scanned and saved a number of archived documents into the system so that all documents were housed together securely and centrally. The organisation of documents in Revolve™ meant that logical groups of documents could be quickly and easily accessed. For example balance sheets for the preceding years were all stored and viewable together.

The system provided a shared secure platform where documents could be easily loaded and updated. It provided full text search, and version control and history of who had accessed and reviewed documents.


Revolve™ allowed RentPlus to make an informed decision on the potential deal. Administration staff were able to collect files together easily and senior management had access to the required information. They found the software was an efficient solution which saved them time and money. They are now looking at ways to use more of the functionality within the system as a contract and document automation and management solution internally.


Key Benefits

Whilst RentPlus only used a small component of the overall Revolve™ functionality, they found that it did exactly what they wanted it to do as a tool to create, store, search and manage large volumes of files and documents from anywhere, in any country.

The key benefits RentPlus saw the system offered included:

  • Saved the business money in printing and postage costs
  • Saved vast amounts of time organising and tracking file locations
  • No files or documents got lost in a sea of emails or post
  • All documents were sent securely, without storage on unknown email servers