Revolve Insurance

Central insurance claims communications platform

Affirm's Revolve Insurance solution:

  • Reduces reserve capital required, through faster claim settlements
  • Increases your customer satisfaction levels
  • Halves operational cost per claim

Are you experiencing a spike in claims and seeking ways to put a plug in the profit leakage?
Is a rise in reserve capital and a decline in renewal rates a concern?

Find out how to start addressing these issues without large capital expenditure and long time frames through Revolve Insurance.

Automated communications platform accelerate claims processing

The current rise in Income Protection and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claims has applied pressure on reserve capital, profits and efficiency of the claims management process.

With an increase in claims volume comes the challenge to keep on top of settling valid, long standing and fraudulent claims within acceptable timeframes.

There is currently a reliance on slow and expensive manual paper based systems to tie communication between (but not limited to) the customer, medical practitioners, external advisors and accountants, which can drag on for many months.

This can also significantly impact the amount of reserve capital held while Claims Managers struggle to keep up.

The Revolve Insurance automated communications platform accelerates each claim through to resolution far quicker, ultimately relieving pressure on reserve capital and profits.

Our cloud solution interfaces with your main claims management system (such as Fineos), and focuses on effective communications between all external parties. Improved communication improves service to the end customer and financial advisers.

This could also relieve some of the heat from lawyer related claims and encourage policy renewals.

Key Features

Centralised claims communication platform - an extension to your main claims system

Express eForms

  • Single entry

    Enter forms data once which pre populate multiple eForms

  • Dynamic eForms

    ensures only relevant input fields appear

  • File uploads

    Ability to upload supporting documentation


  • Data validation

    ensures all data captured is accurate

  • Integrates

    to most claim system and pre populates eForms with relevant information

  • eSignature

    option speeds up acceptance


  • Auto assign

    Keep things moving with action triggers that passes on to the next person in the process


  • Escalator

    Sends preconfigured and personalised e-mail and SMS reminders to relevant parties to action as well as keeping Management informed

Marketing Connect

  • Marketing

    Allows dynamic marketing offers to be tailored based on customer demographics, which could be a valuable channel extension for existing marketing campaigns


  • Fully branded

    aligns the platform to look just like your corporate brand


  • Highly secure


  • Permission based user access

    restricts access to only relevant information