Revolve Overview and System Requirements

Revolve is the expansion of traditional document and contract management software through our sophisticated automation engine

You can centrally create, automate, share, store and manage all of your documents, forms and contracts in one secure online location.

What software and hardware do I need to use Revolve?

As Revolve is delivered as a service over the Internet, you only pay for what you use. Therefore, there are no costly servers or licenses to purchase and no software to install.

One of the best aspects of Revolve is that it's ready to go right now. If you can read this web page, you already have all the required hardware. The only software that you need is a web browser, probably just like the one you are using now, and a copy of the free Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files. Revolve supports the latest versions of the main web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Hardware requirements

A connection to the Internet and screen resolution greater than 1024 x 768 pixels

Software requirements

A web browser (IE8+ or Firefox 12+ Win/Mac, with JavaScript enabled).