Case study: Large Financial Institution

"Our new HR onboarding system from Affirm has been well received as it allows us to customise employment packs, issue them quickly online and monitor their progress through the system, which has saved us alot of time."

Head of HR
Large Financial institution

Business challenge

A large Australian financial institution regularly provided induction packs and forms for new employees, temporary staff and contractors and for transferring staff internally. They had 10-20 separate forms that had to be completed, were couriered and then scanned back in for record keeping.

Our solution

Our client implemented Onboard Express and now all core personal information is loaded into the system and the applicant is sent an email requesting document completion. Information is entered only once and populated onto all forms.

Once completed, forms are signed, returned or digitally approved. The system then redirects the forms to relevant departments for processing, e.g. payroll and for security checking.


Our client is really happy with the system and support received by Affirm Software and is looking to upgrade their system to include some of the new onboarding features available.

Key benefits

Our client has been able to cope with a significant increase in the volume of recruitment assignments, without having to add additional resources, through the efficiency gains achieved through Onboard Express. Key benefits to them include:

  • Inductees don't have to rekey data onto multiple forms, and errors are eliminated
  • HR administration costs to process new applicants are significantly reduced
  • Documents don't go missing and are stored safely online.