Scanning and Document Imaging

Affirm can scan and archive volumes of data to then be searchable online, and significantly reduce archiving costs

Reduce archiving costs

Document imaging is the process of scanning paper documents, and converting them to digital images that are then stored online. Our scanning and document imaging services include indexing and online document hosting. We can integrate existing databases with files kept in paper, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. Most of our large document scanning and imaging jobs are conducted onsite at customers' facilities.

Easily locate documents and contracts online rather than plough through reams of paperwork

Our Web-based document hosting affords companies the ability to archive and process data on a real-time basis. Secure access is then available to authorised users from any location. We fully administer our sites for backup, software and hardware upgrades, security monitoring, etc.

All phases of a document imaging project such as preparation, scanning, indexing, PDF conversion, OCR/ICR, etc. can be done by Affirm, directly by our client or apportioned to either based upon the most efficient systems approach.

Use Affirm's scanning and document imaging when you want to:

  • Scan documents and contracts to reduce archiving costs in high document volume environments and potentially then recycle the paper copies
  • Easily search for documents and contracts online, anywhere with internet access
  • Enable multiple parties to work on contracts online