Straight Through Processing (STP)

Revolve automates the end-to end processing of forms and documents from settlement to inception

Straight through processing (STP) is used by companies to optimise the speed at which transactions are processed. Information that has been electronically entered once can be transferred from one party to another without manually re-entering the same pieces of information repeatedly over the entire sequence of events.

Revolve provides the benefits of straight through processing (STP), enabling automated end-to-end processing of forms and documents from inception to settlement. This will streamline your systems and reduce double handling.

Fund Managers save time, money and improve efficiencies for their introducers

For Fund Managers for example, STP through Revolve enables the completion of forms quickly and efficiently, saving their introducers' valuable time and money. Fund Managers can then review metrics about things such as abandonment rates and focus spare time on looking at ways to reduce these statistics.

Use Affirm's Straight Through Processing (STP) when you want to:

  • Eliminate re-keying information onto forms
  • Reduce time and money spent within your supply chain by only entering data in once
  • Improve your visibility over the supply chain to make better strategic decisions