Comprehensive training, support, and training materials are provided on every Revolve implementation

Phased implementation approach guarantees a smooth implementation

We employ a phased implementation approach which provides a scalable method of handling projects, regardless of size or complexity. Each phase contains explicit instructions, including players involved, required documents, forms and contracts, and their recipients.

We have structured checkpoints throughout the implementation phases to ensure appropriate requirements, integrations, and approvals are received prior to proceeding with additional phases.

We set up regular review meetings for feedback on the software post implementation to ensure that it continues to meets ongoing client needs.

Detailed training sessions, online help and training materials

Once the Revolve system is set up, onsite training sessions are set up with all relevant users. Training manuals are provided with detailed instructions for users, administrators and any external parties who will be using the system.

Comprehensive help is always available online to assist users when they are in the system. It has been designed to be easy to use and intuitive, so users generally find they quickly come up to speed with how to best work within the system.

Affirm is dedicated to providing prompt, efficient and helpful customer support.