Work efficiently...

  • Minimal upfront fees with our pay-as-you-go-usage

    Only pay for what you use. Easily installed within weeks

  • Reduce business process costs by more than 50%

    Issue forms online quickly

  • Achieve straight-through processing

    Automated end-to-end processing allows you to process forms quickly and seamlessly

Forms automation software

Revolve is the expansion of traditional document and contract management software through our sophisticated automation engine. Our technology allows you to pre populate, share and store any form, contract or document securely online, which can be used in many different business applications.

We have developed vertical market product solutions in HR onboarding & insurance claims and are working on tailored solutions in superannuation and funds management. However, our product can be applied to any industry where document processing is an issue.

Our philosophy is to deliver benefits quickly to your user base and ensure implementation and usability of the system is straightforward and easy.

Revolve: Customised for you

Revolve is a powerful tool that allows you to take any paper based document, application or contract process and turn it into an efficient electronic document handling system.

In its simplest form we describe Revolve as turning your PDF forms into electronic online entry forms (eForms), but it is much, much more.

With powerful features which allow Revolve to workflow documents throughout an organisation and set trigger events against documents status changes, Revolve is capable of developing solutions from the simplest document handling process, through to the most complex.

Smart forms and dynamic fields

Revolve's smart forms technology enables us to disable editing of certain fields within a form that are irrelevant for the user to see and edit. This makes completing fields much faster and reduces the confusion and errors in completing documents and forms in Revolve. We also provide inbuilt fund allocation validations for fast tailored forms completion.

Implement within weeks

Revolve™ is a an easy to use secure web based solution that is cost effective to implement as it requires minimal upfront software costs. We will typically get you up and running on the system within weeks.

Flexible integration

Revolve is flexible and converts all paper based processes into efficient web based processes.

The system integrates with many industry standard CRM platforms and databases, document management systems and is flexible enough to integrate with HRMS, practice management and case management systems or any system with an open API.

How does Revolve work for your industry?

Affirm has developed specialised solutions for wealth management, super, insurance claims and tailored solutions for key customers in HR and funds management.

Revolve Key Features

  • Form creator

    Pre populate forms, product disclosure statements or new blank forms

  • Smart Forms

    Dynamic fields which automatically show and hide based on user input. Smart validation rules and lookup services ensure error free data.

  • Template creator

    Include or remove text, dates, numbers, multiple choice options and calculations in documents and contracts

  • Calculator and computations

    Perform simple or complex calculations in templates

  • Automate forms using PDF

    PDF's can be used as the basis for forms templates as a rich interactive form online

  • Document Assembler

    Multi lingual support and ability to edit text and preview in assembly window

  • Searching and retrieving

    Search and retrieve all forms stored online quickly

  • 7 year storage

    Automatic filing of all scanned and signed forms online to comply with auditing requirements

  • Security

    Fine grain control of document, template and user access. Securely protect your documents online.

  • Tailored Solutions

    Custom or industry specific Workflows. Trigger Events such as emails, SMS, Work Queues and more.

  • Straight Through Processing (STP)

    Compatible with digital or manual signatures. No re-keying of data. Integrate error free data straight into your system. Split documents and send on for further processing.

  • Document History

    Full history and audit trail of all changes and edits made to forms

  • Document Sharing

    Ability to allow multiple parties to review, edit and approve forms

  • Document Portals

    Secure discussions around your documents. Control access to your documents online. Easily download PDFs of your completed forms/documents.

  • Fax, email and scanning

    Ability to fax, email and scan all forms into the system

  • Barcodes

    PDFs generated out of Revolve are stamped with smart barcodes, so that they can be automatically tracked.

  • Version control

    When a change is made to a field within a form, Revolve automatically updates every occurrence of that field in all document groups in which it appears

  • Systems integration

    Integrate to XPlan and COIN and most systems with an open API

  • Custom branding

    Revolve can look like an internal system to align with any system branding requirements